System Development

Saxby Willson utilises a series of methods, systems and processes during development to ensure that our Client projects are developed in a systematic, secure and productive way. All our developments are actioned on secured online servers partnering with leading data centres to ensure stability and availability.

Agile and Kanban Development

We utilise a series of software development methods and tools to define, build and track project progress. We have a ‘toolbox’ like approach to the methods at our disposal, applying them depending on the project need. Applying this approach and integrating it with CRM, Support Desk, Quality Control and Client operations we are able to provide a robust customer service platform keeping all internal and Client based stakeholders abreast of project progress.

Agile  is a form of iterative and incremental software development process where a project is realised in a series of bite sized sections called ‘sprints’.  These sprints comprise of key project functionality and normally have a user story or  user need associated with them.  Here we utilize the visual specification elements to map directly to functionality and requirements. Utilising these methods ensures a modular approach to development as well as facilitating a rapid development environment where Client feedback and validation can occur asynchronously with programming.

Kanban development is a method of developing software or process where there is an emphasis on ‘just in time’ delivery. This approach is also used when working with Clients on maintenance or outsourced operation contracts, where a pre defined hierarchy of support response is set and programming staff are on call to attend to any issues that occur.

Managing Expectation

Our Stakeholder Centric Approach flows into our development methods, processes and practices ensuring that all involved are aware of project progresses.

By using Agile or Kanban in our projects, we are able to rapidly develop solutions and have Clients review modules in a fraction of the lead time that other traditional development methods may require.  Client Feedback phases are integrated into each development ‘sprint’ and are then actioned  in the next available development sprint. Each ‘sprint’ is mapped and tracked on a project road map and any deviations are validated internally and with the Client.

Quality Control and Code Review

Aiding our Stakeholder Centric Approach to development are a series of tools and systems that facilitate our ability to respond to client need.

Quality control is an integral part of development and is deployed at Saxby in two ways.  Our dedicated team of QC testers utilize automated and manual testing processes based on a detailed test plan derrived from the Visual Specification created for a project.  All test results are fed into our Agile project management tools for implementation.

Code reviews insure coding standards and good quality of  documentation is adhered to on all projects. They are undertaken by our Lead Technical Architect who ensures that our team’s code quality is high and identifies areas where further development or training is needed so that we can ensure that our clients are receiving the best in system coding and development.

Version Control and Documentation

Monitoring all project code is an adaptive version control system that enables multiple programmers to work on Client projects at once.  This enables the ability to roll back revisions in the event of a scope change.

Project documentation is at the forefront of our projects and appears in different forms.  At the end of a project Clients receive documented project code with the completed design document detailing how the system functions, as well as any user guides or additional artefacts required.

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Saxby Willson is a solutions consultancy focusing on providing design, user experience and web application services. Driven by a passion to provide quality output, a unique approach is required for every client - their journey. We do not offer 'round peg into square hole' solutions, instead working with you to achieve a 'fit for purpose' solution. We are proud to be part of our Clients' 'business journeys' catering to their digital needs.

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