Retail E-commerce System

Design and development of an E-commerce system with Polling and customer survey feedback built in.

Sector – Retail


Develop a fully featured E-commerce system that is able to accomodate 50,000+ SKUs and integrates polling, customer recommended products, polling and survey tools. Stock levels and catalogue features were to be linked back to the Clients EPOS. System was to support multiple payment gateways.

Implemented Solution

Project entailed the deployment of a fully featured ‘Magento’ platform E-commerce system that interfaced with an EPOS system. System provide various feature such as customer recommendations, stock management, smart filters, customer profiles for personal details and buying advice. The system also included site polling and feedback surveys in the form of brief 10 minute questionnaires sent via the system to the end user. Responses were filled out online and fed back to the system for back office processing. Paypal, WorldPay and Google Checkout payment gateways were deployed.  All stock level management and purchase reporting was fed back to our Clients EPOS system in the form of automated data exports.  Saxby Willson provided hosting and a maintenance SLA for the E-commerce system that covered technical support and content updates.

Technologies/Services utilised

LAMP, Magento, Flash, JavaScript, JSON, XLSX, Payment Gateways (various)



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