Proposal and Template System

Design and develop a Proposal and Document Template system with basic version control for cross departmental use

Sector – Medical Marketing


Develop a customised proposal management system with integrated reporting (fully customisable report generator) and statistics on sales team, product and pipeline. Supplement views with info-graphics, relevant documents and visual timelines.  Extend the system with a document version control feature to account for all documentation used pre and during the sales and new business development processes.

Implemented Solution

A system was created that provided a series of dashboards with the help from Adobe Flex and JavaScript Charting libraries to provide user views for company pipeline, sales won, conversion statistics and per individual sales.  Each respective proposal had its own dashboard which included background, sales team detail, client and company information (including a geographical mapping component) as well as history and documents associated with the proposal. The reporting feature was a customised generator that allowed users to bucket information and cut it according to any field or type available in the data schema, where one could specify the output of the report as well as export options – PDF, XLS, CSV. A custom workflow was created where the system would feed sales won into the Operation team’s internal applications providing seamless integration and sales communication between departments. The document version control feature allowed for specific categories of document that could be broken out according to sales region or purpose.  All documents has a full interaction history and traceability to personnel using the system. The inclusion of a ‘Basecamp-esque’ visual timeline showed interaction and progress for given proposals as well as a fully integrated calendar with iCAL export options allowed users to import milestones and deadlines into their own MS Outlook / Mac Mail applications. Ability to send in emails to a dropbox email account was integrated in a basic form with a view to expand capability in the future.

Post implementation, Saxby Willson provided systems maintenance and support services.

Technologies/Services utilised

LAMP, Yii,  JavaScript, JQuery, Adobe Flex, Google Charts, Google Maps API



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